Our services

In the Hungarian Days program we provide Hungarian menu cooked by our professional cooks, with special spices, which we bring from Hungary.

To bring also an authentic atmosphere, we may provide a gypsy band that is playing authentic Hungarian songs and classical music in a way you may not have heard it from other bands. We may also bring folk dancers, who are dancing the most spectacular dances from Hungary and costumes to put on hostesses who welcome the guests.

When preparing our menu offers we consider the host country's ethnic or religious gastronomic traditions as well.

Upon your request we provide a comprehensive package of services and manage the organization as it follows:

  • We provide our professional staff for managing the event from the preparation works till the last guest left.
  • We provide the unique, Hungarian ingredients, spices and wines for the menu.
  • Our cooks prepare the menu and teach the local stuff on request.
  • We organize the entertainment based on your request.