The Finest Hungarian Paprika

Paprika is a typical and popular spice of Hungarian cuisine. Hungarian dishes have gained worldwide fame thanks to paprika. It has a lively red colour and a fiery shine, and a pleasantly spicy scent. It can be either sweet or mildly hot, the finest ground paprika.

The special red berries of the paprika plant are picked three times around the year. Raw paprika is normally further matured after picking by hanging on walls or storing them skewed on sticks. It is cracked and ground in a stone mill after washing and drying. The last phase of traditional preparation if the 'reddening' stone, whereby the grinding brings out the oil content of the paprika seeds in the seed fragments and dissolves the dye in the skin and hence dyes all of the paprika grains.

Albert Szentgyörgyi received a Nobel prize for discovering the enormous vitamin C source found in Hungarian paprika and for the related research in 1937.


Nutrition Facts - Spicy paprika paste
Energy 130 kJ/100 g
Citric acid
Nutrition Facts - Sweet paprika
Energy 1047 kJ (262 kcal) / 100g
Ground paprika