Under the name Natural, we have brought together the extremely high-quality flours of the famous Hungarian grain production. The high protein wheatflour is known for its good quality. Thanks to its beneficial properties it is extremely easy to make good quality produce (raised doughs, pizzas, burger buns, strudels etc.). An essential part of today's healthy eating are the high-fibre flours, the so-called dark flours, which have extremely benefical physiological effects on the human body. One of our flours, BIO wheatflour, is free from all additives and artificial preservatives and only comes from accredited organis farms. This type of flour is also extremely good for making all sorts of different bakery products. Last but not least, the most special flour in the Natural range is our wheatmeal flour, whose ingredients are uniquely rich and of great importance for maintaining health. It is made from wholemeal wheat, and is high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition Facts
Pure Protein content 12%
Energy 1443 KJ/100 gr
Carbohydrate 345 Kcal/100 gr
Wet Gluten content 30%