Goose and Duck Foie Gras

If there is any field in which Hungary is considered a gastronomic superpower, it is in the production of the finest goose liver. Hungary is the world's second-largest foie gras producer and the number one exporter (1,920 tonnes in 2005).

Even in ancient Rome, dishes created from the liver of a fattened goose were reserved for feasts and festivals. Presently, the conditions in the southern areas of the Hungarian Great Plain are ideal for raising geese and generations of farmers have perfected the process of growing goose liver – the most valuable part of the goose – to a size of up to four pounds.

The pale, almost white coloured liver is luxuriously tender and contains a unique aroma that is every gourmet's dream. The soft goose liver, which is ideal for spreading on warm bread, is the star of buffet tables as well as a world-class hors d'oeuvre.

Nutrition Facts
Protein content 7.0%
Sodium clorid content 2.0%
Tokaji aroma 2.0%
Pieces of Goose liver 30%