Home-made Pasta

Pasta plays an important role in Hungarian gastronomy particularly because it is the base of several Hungarian meals. While there are various types of pastas, Vermicelli and Lozenge are particularly distinctive since both pastas contain 8 eggs and wheat flour. The average pasta contains 4 eggs and some water, but our products contain more eggs and less water. Our eggs are hand-selected and come only from domestic farms. These two facts confirm that Hungarian pasta is among the world's best and is an exceptional part of our Finest Selection.

Nutrition Facts - 4 eggs / 100 gr
Protein content 15 gr
Fat 3.4 gr
Carbohydrate 72.9 gr
Water 13 m/m%
Energy 1598 kJ
Nutrition Facts - 8 eggs / 100 gr
Protein content 17 gr
Fat 5 gr
Carbohydrate 69.2 gr
Water 13 m/m%
Energy 1638 kJ