The Original Pálinka

Pálinka is a special family of drinks which embraces clarity and a countless number of fruit. It is a fruit distillate made exclusively of fruit grown in Hungary, without any sugar or additives, with a minimum of 37,4% alcohol.

The tastiest types of pálinka can be found in the Carpathian basin, where the aroma of fruit pálinka is a flavour that is unique in the whole world. This does not exactly come as a surprise if we realise that the climate of the Great Plain is especially favourable for growing fruit like nectarines, plums, cherries, strawberries and pears.

The distillation of Hungarian Spirit pálinka takes place in a traditional two-step copper cauldron consisting of an approx. 500 litre- cooking cauldron and a refiner. The cooking process receives extra handling due to the use of a steady distillation temperature. Once the distillation is over, the drink is stored in acid-resistant containers for several weeks, where the excellent taste and flavours start coming out at the steady temperature.


Nutrition Facts
e.g. Peach pálinka 7.0%
Alcohol 40%
Peach pálinka
Treated drinking water