Hungarian Quality Wine

Arbour contains the Hungarian Days Products' finest selection of wines including the late harvest Áts Cuvee from Royal Tokaji. In its short history, this exceptional wine has been awarded over 100 international prizes including numerous Trophies, Gold Medals, Best of Nation, Critics Choice, Champion Gold and Winery of the Year. The Arbour also includes the Royal Tokaji's 1999 Tokaji Essencia which was awarded 100 points in the "Wines and Spirits" magazine December 2006 issue. The magazine went on to state that this is a pretty amazing group of wines. The rating for Royal Tokaji Essencia is the first perfect 100-point score Wines & Spirits has ever bestowes.

With distinctive vinification methods and the world's oldest system of wine growing, Tokaj is, without question, one of the most famous wine regions in Hungary. The extraordinary agricultural land has been the secret of Tokaj's distinctive wines for generations. The volcanic soil, the sunny southern slopes, and the unique climate shapes by the various rivers of the region, are favourable to the formation of botrytis cinerea and ripening.

Nutrition Facts - Ats Cuvée
Furmint 70%
Harslevelu 25%
Yellow Muscat 5%
Alcohol 9.95%
Acid content 9.1 g/l
Residual Sugar 116 g/l
Nutrition Facts - Tokaji Aszu
Alcohol 11.68%
Residual Sugar 90 g/l
Acid content 7.5 g/l
ph 3.81%
Nutrition Facts - Fortissimo
Alcohol 11.38%
Residual Sugar 90 g/l
ph 3.52%
Glucose content 25%
Fructose content 75%
Acid content 8.2 g/l