Fine Acacia Honeys

"Arabesque" is one of the noblest of the world famous Hungarian acacia honeys.

It is the clearest honey, with more than 30% acacia pollen content. For the Ancient Greeks, honey was the "food of the Gods", and its properties have been recognised by doctors since the beginning of written history. In Hungary – where a large part of European acacia honey production takes place – the centuries-old traditions of honey making are still very much alive.

The families involved in honey making know all about the healing properties of the yellow acacia liquid. Within the Arabesque range there is a clear acacia honey, the honeycomb (nature's most delicious sweet in its original packaging), and a honey speciality with almond and walnut, which goes exceptionally well with other flavours.

Nutrition Facts
Total Sugar content 75.2%
Reducing Sugar content 73.5%
Sacharose content 1.5%
Fructose content 42.8%
Glucose content 25.5%
Acacia Pollen content 51%